It is a big decision for you and your family when you plan to study overseas. This also needs a considerable amount of investment as an international student. You can obviously get all the information online or through an adviser or consultant you visit.

What you may not get easily validated is which program to opt for so you get a relevant job post study. You have been told by the agent that you will earn in dollars and you have already started to see the dream.

Fast forward to 2 years or 3 years when you study and finish your program overseas. You are most likely going to face the following scenario if you just went by whatever the agent told you to do.


  • 1] Studied Bachelors or Diploma in home country
  • 2] Completed a program overseas that has no relevance to your bachelor’s degree and local job market

You will most likely end up struggling for a job and scream of exploitation by an employer hiring you at any rate he/she deem fit, lucky if you get one.

And you are relying only on god and your luck to get the employer to support your visa once your 1 year job search visa ends.

To be continued