Student speak: Purnansh Davawala

Purnansh is from India and is about to complete his Bachelor of IT programme at Weltec, Wellington.

Here are Purnansh’s thoughts for people interested in studying IT in New Zealand.

What did you expect to learn before starting the program?

Purnansh: A solid foundation knowledge of Information Technology especially in the Wellington Sector. Alongside improving my communication skills and interpersonal skills.

What do you wish you had knowledge of before starting the program?

Purnansh: That studying is important, but engage with the tech community, go to meetup events and make connections, it will go a long way.

What would you advise prospective students exploring this program? Who should do it?

Purnash: ANYONE can do it, if you have passion in IT and are willing to do what is required.

What should their academic background be?

Purnansh: Doesn’t matter really, you are coming overseas to change your future and not your past. Students should believe in themself and if you put a decent amount of hardwork in 1st year of studies, in the next two years you will be motivated by your results.

What should they aspire to become if they are choosing the program?

Purnansh: A professional in their field of interest. Get your name out there, and excel work ethics.

What are you doing currently with relevance to the knowledge you gained from the program?

Purnansh: Most of the fundamental knowledge I applied at my workplace. That will give you a good foundation and then you learn the core concepts while working based on the company needs.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? What role or job has this program prepared you to become?

Purnash: Network-Security Engineer or Cyber-Security Analyst.

Who will find the program easy, hard in terms of level of difficulty?

Purnansh: Students with some technical knowledge will find it easy. However, if you have decided to study a Bachelor of Information Technology programme, then all you need is passion in IT and eagerness to learn because its starts from Level 5 which is basics.

If you decide to study one year post grad Level 7 course, a solid knowledge of core IT concepts is recommended to excel in the course. If you just want to complete the programme, then too you need some knowledge of IT else you will find the programme difficult. But again if you put in the hard work, things can change.