If you are really serious about getting a job in New Zealand, please go through the thoughts below and some links to give yourself a better chance of working and living in New Zealand.

All the jobs that you come across on the site need you to be entitled to legally work in New Zealand, which means you should be a citizen,  permanent resident or have a valid work visa to be considered for the job.

If don’t have a valid visa to work and don’t have a job offer to apply for a New Zealand Work Visa, you may want to search for companies in New Zealand that can’t find local talent for certain roles.

Have a look at the Accredited employers in New Zealand. 

If you have a skill that is needed by a New Zealand accredited employer and they offer you full-time work, you may be able to get a Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa

This is what you should gather from the websites below and look for openings by Accredited employers

a) Seek

  • Complete your profile and keep it updated
  • Customize the cover letter for each and every job with updated CV.
  • Read the job description carefully
  • Describe in your cover letter and CV how your previous experience and your skills are the best fit for you to be hired.
  • Imagine yourself to be the hiring manager and then work on your application.

b) Trade Me Jobs – Not focused only on jobs but gives good ones if you follow it through
c) Angel.co – If you want to work for start up’s, more open to hiring people even offshore provided you have the skills they are looking for
d) New Kiwis –  good site for you to start.

It is easier said than done because you need to look at Seek and other sites below every day and then when you have a job opening of your liking work on your cv and cover letter.

Apply knowing that there will be rejection as you don’t have a permanent residence or a work permit.

It takes at least 2-3 hours for you to complete the process in a day.

And if you have more openings, shortlist them and work on each application based on the closing date.

Remember, this is for you to get an idea of what companies in New Zealand are looking for in a candidate.

Make a note that many of the jobs have the hiring manager or recruiter’s phone number and email id.

If you want to be a bit smart, send an email to the contact person or the best way is to pick up the phone and call.

Introduce yourself, explain why you this is a match made in heaven, don’t take a lot of time (it’s not about the international calling rate but people are busy and time is money so keep it brief) and if there is any chance they would consider your application.

Also, please consider the timezone and if you are in India, make it a habit to get up early in the morning to make calls to New Zealand.

An easy way is to first go through the list of employers accredited with Immigration NZ.

I posted about Wellington NZ website recently.

Although the registration is over, it gives you a good idea about the kind of jobs available and the candidates employers are looking for.

If you have the skills to perform the jobs posted on this site, you probably have a high chance of getting hired by an accredited employer and given a job offer to apply for a work visa.

You can then work towards your permanent residence application in a few years while you are in New Zealand.

So here is your daily routine.
1) Before you go to bed in India, research all the sites above for jobs
2) Search if the employer is an accredited employer with Immigration NZ
3) Get up early in the morning – Apply, connect via email and call when you have the number. It is appreciated and shows that you really want to work. It also helps to get into the habit because office starts at 8 am or earlier and ends by 5 pm or earlier. So you will be in the groove when in New Zealand:)

Also check the skill sets that are in the Skill Shortage list, don’t give up hope.

You can come to New Zealand to study a relevant qualification leading to you working and living in New Zealand.

You may also be able to apply for a permanent residence offshore if you qualify based on the points required (160 as of now) and be provided a job search visa.

You can then be legally entitled to work in New Zealand and apply for jobs from offshore and even when you reach New Zealand.

The journey is not easy as agencies make it sound. You may have received calls saying “Sir/Madam, you qualify for New Zealand or Australia and you can get a work visa or permanent residence through us.”

Be very careful because they are not the ones authorized to give you the visa, they can only guide and assist.

They have only seen your CV and have made a rough assessment that you qualify for points.

They have not assessed your educational qualification, experience level and skill match with the skills required in New Zealand/Australia.

Licensed Immigration Advisers are not placement agencies and recruiters are not licensed immigration advisers.

Please understand that all the money spent is only going to make your journey frustrating if you blindly jump into it.

Please have good reasons in mind for you and your family to want to come overseas to live and work.

Work on it, signing up with agencies is not a guarantee to getting an entitlement to live and work in New Zealand. You also have to work towards it.