Green List

The Green List provides a straight to residence (Tier 1) and work to residence (Tier 2) pathway for highly skilled migrants in hard-to-fill jobs.

The Green List contains a limited number of highly skilled roles that are in huge demand globally and for which there is a shortage in New Zealand.

This list makes it easier for employers to hire and attract migrants for high-skilled, hard-to-fill positions in the construction, engineering, trades, health and ICT sectors. However, these roles have registration, qualification or experience requirements.

You can view the full green list here

Care Workforce and Transport Sector Agreements Pathways

You can apply under these sector agreements pathways if you work for an accredited employer and you have worked in a care workforce sector role or transport sector role for 24 months. You must meet the employment, health, character and language requirements. You can find more information here

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

Category 1

Up to 6 points can be gained for Professional Registration OR Qualification OR High Wage. Note, you can only claim points from one of these areas.

Professional Registration

Points are allocated depending on years of training/work experience in an area that requires New Zealand registration e.g. teacher, doctor, nurse, architect, lawyer etc. Also, see if you are occupation is in the green list – Tier 1 or Tier 2.

6 years = 6 points

5 years = 5 points

4 years = 4 points

3 years = 3 points


Points are allocated depending on the level of qualification.

Level 10 (a PhD or Doctorate) = 6 points

Level 9 (master’s degree) = 5 points

Level 8 (honours degree or post graduate diploma) = 4 points

Level 7 (bachelor’s degree or post graduate certificate) = 3 points

High Wage

Points are allocated depending on the pay rate for a NZ job or a NZ job offer.

3x median wage (currently NZD $88.98 an hour) = 6 points

2x median wage (currently NZD $59.32 an hour) = 4 points

1.5x median wage (currently NZD $44.49 an hour) = 3 points

Category 2

Points can be gained for skilled work experience in New Zealand only.

You can refer to the median wage rate here

3 year of skilled NZ work experience = 3 points

2 year of skilled NZ work experience = 2 points

1 year of skilled NZ work experience = 1 points

Along with this criteria applicant will need to:

  • Have a New Zealand job offer from an accredited employer.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Meet English language requirements.
skilled migrant category pathways

These changes came into effect in October 2023. If you would like to discuss your options under this category, please get in touch with us.

Resident Visa – Partnership Residence

Partners of New Zealand citizens and residents are eligible for residence under partnership if they have been living together for 12 months and more and the relationship has been genuine and stable. Every relationship is different and there are cultural aspects that contribute to the relationship. At Kiwi Fern Immigration, we have handled some challenging cases. We have dealt with them with the respect and sensitivity they deserve.

Our clients are comfortable in discussing their situation with us. Our problem solving strategies have resulted in our team thinking outside the square driving us towards a successful outcome. Watch tips on partnership applications.

Our experienced team would be happy to assess your application. Please get in touch with us if you need any assistance.