Essential skills

This visa can be applied when you are successful in gaining employment onshore or offshore.
The onus of finding employment is on the client. However we have a pool of resources and tips that we can point to in gaining an offer of employment. It must be noted that in the current pandemic situation ,gaining employment from offshore can be a difficult process unless you have an offer of employment from an accredited employer or a critical worker. Read our blog here.

Most employers would like you to have a valid visa in order to apply for the positions which means the applicant either holds a post study open work visa, any other work visa or a skilled migrant job search visa.

This is a skill based visa that is granted between one year to three years depending on the skill band. The skill band is determined based on the hourly wage for the position. The current hourly wage for an essential skills visa is $27 an hour that makes the applicant eligible for a work visa for three years. Employment with salaries less than the median wage are entitled for a two year work visa based on the current immigration instructions.

The ANZSCO code also plays an important part in determining the skill level of an occupation. It also depends upon the skills shortages in regions and the long term skills shortage whether a labour market test is required by the employer to support your application. You can check the same using the link below.

If you think you are eligible to apply for the one off New Zealand 2021 Resident Visa, please ensure that you have a valid work visa while you wait for the outcome of your application. It is important to be on a valid visa to apply for a subsequent visa of any type.

Work visa for partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residents and work visa holders

Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents and work visa holders are eligible for an open work visa if they are living together in a genuine and stable relationship. The onus of providing the evidence of the relationship lies on the client and the sponsoring partner. This type of visa is called an open work visa that allows the partners to work for any employer in any position.

We guide you through every step in collating information for such an application.

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