Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI)

If the information identified in your visa application would be prejudicial to a positive outcome on your visa application, Immigration New Zealand must write to you and provide a reasonable opportunity for you to respond.

This happens for onshore applications mostly and some offshore applications. A PPI letter may not be sent to the applicant who has lodged a visitor visa or a partnership visa offshore as the onus of providing the relevant information is on the applicant.

Receiving such a letter from Immigration New Zealand can be frightening and daunting for some. A PPI letter could be addressed for different kinds of information pertaining to the class of visa that you have applied for.

Bonafide intentions of stay, genuine intentions of recruiting a NZ resident/citizen, evidence of relevance of a qualification to the position offered, health concerns, failing to declare a conviction, failing to declare a declined visa, genuine and stable relationship are some of the examples of concerns that could be in a PPI letter. Watch our video on declaring previously declined visa.

The PPI is sent when an Immigration officer feels that the applicant may have the answer to the concerns that the immigration officer has identified. In the principles of fairness and natural justice, the applicant is provided the opportunity to make submissions and explain the circumstances that lead to the concern.

It is recommended to seek professional advice since these letters should be responded in detail with relevant immigration instructions if possible. The submissions should be backed with necessary evidence. We are often approached by clients at that stage as the case has become complicated and has become very stressful for the applicant.

We endeavour to address all of the concerns raised in the PPI with substantial evidence and arguments according to immigration instructions in our submissions to gain a positive outcome on the application.
If you need assistance with a PPI you have received, please fill the form and one of our team members will get in touch with you at the earliest.