Post Covid 19 and border re-opening, most of the countries have made changes to the student visa policy and instructions. Overall, New Zealand immigration instructions for a student visa can be beneficial for applicants who have some qualification and/or experience in the skill shortage areas New Zealand recognizes such as Engineering, Medical, Trades etc. The post study work visa rights are also aligned mostly to the Green list occupations and related qualifications or a Bachelors, post graduate or Master’s qualification that too when it is relevant to the applicants previous qualification and experience. Applicants can then qualify for a post study work visa and have a pathway to residence in future such as Straight to residence pathway (Tier 1) and Work to residence pathway (Tier 2). The green list roles can be found in Green list.

The programmes are linked to construction, engineering, medical, teaching, trade and a few more sectors as mentioned before. The list will be reviewed and updated regularly and in the long term replace other skill shortage lists.

We would recommend prospective students to select a study programme keeping their current qualification, experience and interests in mind that align with the new requirements.

We often receive enquires where the overseas applicant is not aware of the job market demand for certain occupations or qualifications and after investing a huge sum of money through personal/family’s funds or through education loan have arrived in New Zealand to complete their studies only to realize that the job prospects are not bright enough in the field of interest. Therefore it is always better to book a paid consultation and have a plan in place instead of blindly trusting offshore or unlicensed agents.

The success of your application outcome depends on your intentions, genuinely available funds and long term goals as well when you apply for a particular study programme therefore you must select the study programme based on your area of interest, experience, long term goals and local job market demand.

Please feel free to contact us and book a paid consultation with one of our advisers.


  • Qualification and/or work experience review
  • Discussions with you to select the right programme
  • Offer of place for the institution
  • Lodging a student visa application


  • English language proficiency: Every program has a different level of English language proficiency for non Native english speakers. Read our blog here on IELTS scores.
  • Previous qualification and work experience: Our team can guide you further on the requirements depending on the program you select.
  • Funds for tuition fee through Education loan is a good option and living expenses. Fees for programmes depend on the level of study.
  • All visa applications must meet health and character requirements as per New Zealand Immigration Instructions. Read our blog on tips to prepare for student visa interview.
It was a seamless experience applying for a visa, arriving and settling in New Zealand. Thanks to Kiwi Fern. I always recommend them to all my friends
Purnansh Davawala, studying Bachelor of IT at Weltec
I would not have been in New Zealand if it was not for the support and guidance offered by Kiwi Fern.
Gautam Mehta, studying Bachelor of IT at Weltec
I always seek guidance from Mrs Aparna Prakash as she has been a teacher in India and New Zealand and understands my passion and abilities.
Komal, studying beauty therapy at Weltec

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